Rethinking Reform: Towards a New Understanding of Religious Change, 900-1150

Ghent University

Friday 24 May – Saturday 25 May 2019

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Day 1 (Friday 24 May) 

 Paviljoen Vandenhove, Rozier 1

08.30-09.00 Registration
09.00-09.20 Welcome/Background of the project/Objectives of the conference
Steven Vanderputten (Ghent University)/Julia Barrow (University of Leeds)


Session 1 Moderator: Katherine Cubitt
09.20-10.00 The Problem(s) with the Carolingian Reform(s)
Rutger Kramer (University of Vienna)
10.00-10.40 Deconstructing/Reconstructing Monastic Reform
Steven Vanderputten
10.40-11.00 Discussion

 Plateauzaal, Jozef Plateaustraat 22

11:.00-11.30 Coffee break


Session 2 Moderator: Julia Barrow
11.30-12.10 Deconstructing/Reconstructing Papal Reform
Nicolangelo d’Acunto (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano)
12.10-12.50 The Societal Background and Impact of Reform/’Reform’
  Robert Berkhofer (Western Michigan University)
12.50-13.10 Discussion

 Magnel Room, Jozef Plateaustraat 22

13.10-14.30 Lunch (Magnel Room)

 Plateauzaal, Jozef Plateaustraat 22

Session 3 Moderator: Ludger Körntgen
14.30-15.10 Transformations of Lay and Clerical Masculinities
Rachel Stone (King’s College, London)
15.10-15.50 Deconstructing/Reconstructing Clerical Reform
  Brigitte Meijns (KU Leuven)
15.50-16.10 Discussion
16.00-16.40 Coffee break
Session 4 Moderator: Sarah Hamilton
16.40-17.20 Continuities and Transformations in Hagiography
  Anne-Marie Helvétius (Université de Paris 8) and Gordon Blennemann (Université de Montréal)
17.20-18.00 Changes in Lay Piety and Devotion
  Katherine Cubitt (University of East Anglia)
18.10-18.30 Discussion
20:00 Speakers’ dinner


Day 2 (Saturday 25 May) 

 Plateauzaal, Jozef Plateaustraat 22

Session 5 Moderator: Anne-Marie Helvétius
09.30-10.10 Ritual Continuities and Transformations
  Sarah Hamilton (University of Exeter) and Ludger Körntgen (University of Mainz)
10.10-10.50 Continuities and Transformations in Art, Manuscript Culture, and Architecture
  Diane Reilly (Indiana University Bloomington)
10.50-11.10 Discussion
11.10-11.40 Coffee break


Session 6 Moderator: Steven Vanderputten
11.40-12.20 Vocabularies and Narratives of Reform 900-1150
  Julia Barrow
12.10-12.30 Discussion
12.30-13.00 Conclusions
  John Van Engen (University of Notre Dame)

Magnel Room, Jozef Plateaustraat 22

13.00-14.30 Lunch (Magnel Room)